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fedrq’s Python API

The fedrq.config module and the fedrq.backend package are public API. Everything under fedrq.cli is internal. fedrq is primarily a CLI tool and its API only abstracts the specific dnf/libdnf5 functionality that the CLI uses. The API’s main purpose is “repoquerying”, but you can use the fedrq functionality you’d like and then access the underlying dnf Base object to preform other tasks if needed.

Take a look at the docstrings for more information.

Note that fedrq is still in beta and its API may be subject to breaking changes.


fedrq.backends is the heart of fedrq’s API. There is a dnf backend (fedrq.backends.dnf) and a libdnf5 backend (fedrq.backends.libdnf5). This package provides an interface to configure a Base session, load repositories, preform queries, and related functionality. The main primitives are:


Base class: fedrq.backends.base.BaseMakerBase

dnf backend: fedrq.backends.dnf.backend.BaseMaker

libdnf5 backend: fedrq.backends.libdnf5.backend.BaseMaker

BaseMaker allows configuring a dnf Base session and loading repositories.


Base class: fedrq.backends.base.RepoqueryBase

dnf backend: fedrq.backends.dnf.backend.Repoquery

libdnf5 backend: fedrq.backends.libdnf5.backend.Repoquery

Repoquery accepts an initialized Base object (see BaseMaker) and allows performing a large range of queries. Most of its methods return PackageQueryCompat or PackageCompat objects.


Protocol: fedrq.backends.base.PackageQueryCompat

dnf backend: fedrq.backends.dnf.backend.PackageQuery -> hawkey.Query

libdnf5 backend: fedrq.backends.libdnf5.backend.PackageQuery (libdnf5.rpm.PackageQuery subclass)

PackageQueryCompat is a set-like object of PackageCompat objects. It contains methods to filter its Packages based on certain criteria. Typically, you would access the filtering methods through the Repoquery class’s wrappers.

  • fedrq.backends.libdnf5.backend.PackageQuery — subclass of libdnf5.rpm.PackageQuery. adds back missing query and querym methods.


Protocol: fedrq.backends.base.PackageCompat

dnf backend: fedrq.backends.dnf.backend.Package -> dnf.package.Package

libdnf5 backend: fedrq.backends.libdnf5.backend.Package (libdnf5.rpm.Package subclass)

  • fedrq.backends.libdnf5.backend.Package — subclass of libdnf5.rpm.Package that implements missing functionality and compatibility with dnf.package.Package. The subclass includes properties to access Package attributes. These properties were removed from libdnf5 in favor of get_foo() methods. It also includes rich comparison support (__lt__, __gt__, etc.) and implements roughly the same sort order as the dnf backend and adds a __hash__() method so it can e.g., be used in a set or as a dictionary key.

    Importing fedrq.backends.libdnf5.backend registers the Package subclass so PackageQuery contains our subclass.


Most of the code here should not be called directly. Use get_config() to load the configuration from the filesystem. Create an RQConfig object manually if you must.

This example shows how to load the configuration and preform a basic query.

# SPDX-License-Identifier: Unlicense
# SPDX-FileCopyrightText: None

# Roughly equivalent to:
#     fedrq whatrequires --arch=noarch -b rawhide -r buildroot bash | grep '^a'

from fedrq.config import get_config, RQConfig
from fedrq.backends.base import RepoqueryBase

# Load config from filesystem and override some options
config: RQConfig = get_config(backend="libdnf5")

# Query the Fedora Rawhide koji buildroot repositories
# This supports any release configuration builtin to fedrq
# or configured on your local system.
rq: RepoqueryBase = config.get_rq("rawhide", "buildroot")

# Get all noarch packages that start with 'a' and depend on bash
query = rq.query(
    name__glob="a*", arch="noarch", requires=rq.query(name="bash", arch="notsrc")
# By using sorted(), you'll get (relatively) consistent ordering between backends
for package in sorted(query):


See api-examples for some simple example code.

Real world examples:

  • - given a list of source packages names, use jinja2 to template a specfile that Conflicts on every subpackage produced by the source packages. This was used as part of the Mass_Retire_Golang_Leaves Fedora Change.
  • - enforces the FESCo SIG Policy by using fedrq to find packages that meet certain criteria and adding the corresponding SIG to the distgit repo’s ACLs.